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Fall Travels to the Aetolia Region of Greece

Greece is a wonderful place to visit especially in the fall, during September when the weather is warm enough to enjoy the beaches and not quite so hot that you can enjoy the many walking tours of monuments. An added bonus to the fall visits in Greece is that September is the perfect month to enjoy all of the scrumptious harvest bounties.

Large, luscious fruits adorn the trees throughout the countryside with a warm, sweet aroma that you will not soon forget. Especially memorable are the figs which can easily be twice the size of brown turkey figs. It is best to pick the figs right off the tree in the morning hours when they are moist with dew and eat them immediately to get the most sweet, juicy flavor. Alongside the figs, you will be able to see almond, pomegranate, grapefruit, quince, lemon, and orange trees.

figsSummer harvest included dates, chick peas, wheat, corn, green beans, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, basil, oregano, and onions, all of which go beautifully with EVOO. Braided garlic cloves are everywhere for sale. The long summers keep the melons and small pears producing into the fall months also. All of these fruits and vegetables make for a fine meal for the vegetarian. For those who prefer more of a meal, grilling local meat with local EVOO, oregano, and plenty of lemon juice on a skewer (seems like nothing has changed since Homeric times) is easy to find at dinnertime (which is no earlier than 9:00 pm.) All meals are typically complimented with local homemade bread and village wine which is made with a delicate process that takes much experience and passion. Fall is the season to harvest grapes to make new wine for the upcoming winter months.

garlicLet’s not forget the olive tree which is the Lady of All Trees. It has been a good year to date, meaning rains in spring and a few good rains in August. This climate promises a great quality of EVOO, but quantity may be a bit less due to some damage to crops from a hailstorm which thinned the fruit slightly. Soon the olive fruit will be turning yellow. You can now see green and golden olives on the trees. What a spectacular sight, nestled amongst all the large cypress trees with a backdrop of the deep blue sky and occasional white cloud.

Experience the beauty of Greece in the Fall!

Kalo Taxidi! (Good Trip) from the ORENO Family.

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